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Oljejedimavskiljare är avsedda att installeras vid varje enhet för bearbetningsmaskin, ( kapslade eller okapslade,) vid metallindustrin,
för att eliminera skärvätska och oljedimma vid bearbetningsmaskiner och för att åstadkomma bättre inomhus miljö vid Era arbetslokaler..

Kan även användas vid läkemedel och livsmedel industrin, där vattendimma är blandat med olika restprodukter i frånluften
eller annat fuktliknande restprodukter som fins avluften.. För dessa abdikationer, använder man enheter i rostfri utförande..
Samt vid andra enheter och tillämningar som kan förekomma i olika tillvärknings processer ,,
med förekommande olägenheter för Din och Dina kollegors HELLSA..!!

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Mist along with dust laden air is drawn in to unit by high speed rotating rotor.
Small particles are forced to collide and coalesce due to centrifugal force of
rotor resulting in to formation of liquid droplets.
Thus formed liquid is drained back to the machine tool with pressurised draining system.
Dust accumulates on the surface of filters which is placed next to rotor,
this unique arrangement reduces dust load on the rotor there by reduces
the vibration and related problems. Uni mist unit works on basic principle of static filtration.
Filters having more surface area are provided to increase the cleaning frequency of filters.
These units offers 97.1% filtration efficiency can be extended up to 99% efficiency
with clip on high efficiency particulate arrestor (HEPA) filters.
Most Suitable for : The machining applications having mist along with high dust load concentration like grinding, CI machining etc.

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These units works on basic principle of centrifugal impaction. Perforated drum driven by
electric motor rotates at high speed which sucks oil mist and dust in to the unit.
Mist gets impacted by specially designed vanes of perforated drum at high velocity,
small particles are forced to collide & coalesce there by suspended liquid droplets
gets separated and thrown against inner surface of outer casing by centrifugal force.
Thus separated liquid is recycled through pressurised draning system.
These units offer 98% filtration efficiency, can be extended up to 99% efficiency
with clip on high efficiency particulate arrestor (HEPA) filter.
Most Suitable for:The machining applications having mist along with low
concentration of dust like turning, hobbing, honing, tool grinding, thread grinding etc.

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1. Power advantage: All units are designed to operate at low motor power for high
air valume and filtration efficiency. Please refer technical chart for you ready reference.

2. Low cost: The most cost effective equipment available and offers good value for money.

3. Versatile: Uni Mist/Uno Mist series made of modular components ensuring the highest flexiblility,
once installed Uni Mist/ Uno Mist can be adapted to alter or extend the type of application with out much effort

4. Easy Maintenance: Cleaning or replacement of filters can be performed simply by de
clamping toggle clips and removing front & back covers which are light in weight. Fiters come along with covers.

5. Service: It is important to UES that our customers consider us their partner.
For this reason, we strive not only to sell a product but to provide our customers
with comprehensive service as well. We assure time guaranteed service support to you.

Salient Features of our mist collection systems:
1. Rotor and perforated drum are dynamically balanced.
2. Pressurised liquid draning.
3. Standard shaft motors, no special motors required.
4. Low motor power for high air volume.
5. Motor compatible with other voltages.
6. Compact size.
7. Stainless steel units for special applications.
8. Specify upon order..Vertical or horizontal mounting.
Your fresh air provider...!

Mecvent / Plåt AB

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